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Creative Inspiration Weekly Digest

No. 23 – Processes and what lies beneath

Discover font tools, make a crime documentary, learn how CMOs think, self belief, and seeing the hidden in logos.

Tips & Tools  /  Art & Culture
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No. 22 – Deep inspiration is always there

Futuristic CRM, mac n' cheese ice cream, CSS fundamentals, Rembrandt, podcast design and web accessibility tools.

Graphic Design  /  Inspiration
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No. 21 – Creativity is your therapy

Art therapy, music festival, retro diner, and carbon footprint branding with more.

Art & Culture  /  Graphic Design
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No. 20 – Brand management, banking and tattoos

Brand management, behind the scenes photos, banking for creatives, brand guidelines archive, and your next tattoo.

Photo & Video  /  Resources
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No. 19 – Tunnel Vision, a playlist

A playlist of absorbing digital music.

Playlists  /  Inspiration
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No. 18 – Digital, digestible inspiration

See a brand guidelines tool, performing arts tips, Wes Anderson typography, a new web conferencing app, LEGO shoes and more.

Digital  /  Photo & Video
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No. 17 – Crate diggin' gem!

Cut Chemist & Nu-Mark Live At The Variety Arts Center, 1997

Art & Culture  /  Playlists
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No. 16 – A mix of interesting things

Discover how to take time to relax, gathering again, Android 12 design, home composting, how precious our lives are and ... rubbish moon photos.

Digital  /  Graphic Design
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No. 15 – Hot tips and cool designs

Watch Brian Collins talks life, hear about design systems, see a podcast rebrand, cosmetic packaging and a hot tip in Illustrator.

Tips & Tools  /  Graphic Design
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No. 14 – Find inspiration that moves you

Animation tools, typography, Academy Awards, colorful art, happy money and some words from Yung Pueblo.

Art & Culture  /  Digital
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No. 13 – Mega rad inspiring culture

Stay up to date with video conferencing culture, sneaker culture, creative team culture, startup culture, surf culture and bathing culture.

Art & Culture  /  Tips & Tools
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No. 12 – Snap!, a playlist

A retro-poppy playlist to get in the groove.

Inspiration  /  Playlists
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